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In Greek mythology the Titans were strong immortal deities. According to legend, it was the Titan Prometheus who gave humanity the secret of fire and the skill of metalworking. After considerable experimentation, Wallace Chan discovered how to work with the metal titanium and created large sculptures for his Venice exhibition. He used ‘Titans’ as the exhibition title because titanium is named after these mighty mythical beings, since the metal’s main attributes are strength, lightness and longevity.


James Putnam, 2020

Following is a preview of award-winning director Martina Margaux Cozzi's THE ART OF MATERIALS. The film is selected for Video Art & Experimental Film Festival (VAEFF) in New York, where it will be premiered in November 2021.

Titans: A dialogue between materials, space and time
Wallace Chan
Essay by James Putnam
ISBN 978 1 9161687 5 6
210 × 160 mm
Full colour on Munken Lynx Rough 170gsm
Edition of 1,000
May 2021

Titans: A dialogue between materials, space and time is an exhibition of monumental sculptures in iron and titanium, curated by James Putnam, showing from 20 May 2021 at the Fondaco Marcello in Venice. This book attempts to recreate an encounter with the powerful presence of these extraordinary works.

TITANS: A dialogue between materials, space and time features a series of large-scale titanium and iron sculptures and an immersive installation composed of titanium and mirrored stainless steel, giving an unprecedented survey of Chan’s work as a sculptor. Together, this new body of work conveys Chan’s contemplation on the relationship between materials, space and time through titanium: a futuristic, space-age material that has long been the subject of his experimental impulses. The exhibition is curated by James Putnam.

20.05.2021 - 31.10.2021
10:00 - 19:00
Closed Mondays
Fondaco Marcello, Venice, Italy

For safety reasons, admission to the exhibition will be limited, following the regulations and requirements of the Italian government.

鈦坦 物質與時空對話 展出一系列以鈦金屬和鐵為材料的大型雕塑,以及一件由鈦金屬和鏡子組成的沉浸式裝置作品,是陳世英多年來雕塑和裝置藝術創作的首次梳理。鈦金屬被稱為「太空金屬」,充滿未來主義色彩,是陳世英長期實驗性實踐的對象。在這系列新作品中,陳世英藉鈦金屬,表達了其對物質、空間和時間之間關係的長期思考。本展覽由英國資深策展人James Putnam策展。

20.05.2021 - 31.10.2021
10:00 - 19:00
星期一 閉館
意大利 威尼斯 Fondaco Marcello


Special thanks to Yassmin Ghandehari, François Curiel, Terry Huang and the late beloved Jean-François Michaud.

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